Authors Guide

Authors are requested to conform to the following instructions:

  1. The text should ideally not exceed thirty pages.

  2. The text should be sent in .doc or .odt, and in .pdf formats.

  3. The bibliography will be placed at the end of the article. References will be as follows:
    • For a book
      Author, Date, Title, City, Publisher, Number of pages.
      Example: Smith J., 1995, Lebanon in turmoil , London, Harrap's, 209 p.
    • For articles, please use the following form:
      Author, Date, "Title", Journal , Number of the issue, Pages.
      Example: Laval C., 1995, "The Christians in the Middle East", Chronos , n°1, pp. 7-19.
    • In a collection of contributions, use the following form:
      Author, Date, "Title of the article", in Title of the book , Name of the editor, City, Publisher, Pages.
      Example: Curver M., 1979, "The development of Arab cities during the 20th century", in Arab cities
      of the Maghreb
      , ed. Chevallier L., London, Harrap's, pp. 153-161.

  4. References in the text will be as follows, and never in footnotes: (Smith 1995: 5), or (Smith 1995: 10-15) or (Smith, 1995: 5, 9, 40) for non-consecutive pages.

  5. Figures, photos, and illustrations should be ready for printing. Photos should be in TIFF format.

  6. Avoid diacritical symbols for transcription from non-European languages. Use simple and immediately understandable transcriptions.

  7. If needed, authors could mail the manuscript to

    May Davie
    8, rue Emmanuel-Brault
    37250 Montbazon, France

    In Lebanon, the texts should be sent to

    Revue Chronos
    University of Balamand
    Vice-President Office
    B.P. 100 Tripoli, Lebanon

  8. All texts will be submitted to an Editorial Committee, which may suggest corrections or modifications.
  9. Major published contributions will be remunerated.

  10. Refused texts will not be returned to the authors