Byzantine capitals reused in some Lebanese Churches


Hany Kahwagi-Janho


This article deals with a small number of Byzantine capitals re-used in several medieval and Ottoman churches in Lebanon. A variety of types and of their materials characterize this group of around a dozen capitals. While most of these blocks were cut in marble, others were in the local limestone. The types of re-use are also varied: baptismal fonts, coronation for the apse piers, holy water fonts... The imported marble capitals do not seem to belong to their current sites and seem to have been transported from other, probably coastal, sites, where this type of material had been massively imported. Moreover, the study of their forms and their arrangement show that they date to the 5th or 6th centuries AD.


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Kahwagi-Janho, H. (2020). Byzantine capitals reused in some Lebanese Churches. Chronos, 40, 135-151.
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