Talǧat an-nâsih son of the Priest Ḥūrān al-ḥamawī


Habib Ibrahim


Talǧat the copyist is with his brother Euthymius II Karmat patriarch of Antioch (1634-35), one of the pillars of the spiritual and intellectual renouveau of the Antiochian Rūms in the 17th c. The Libraries conserved at least 40 manuscripts copied carefully by the fervent copyist between 1599 and 1649. Two studies tried to study the work of Talǧat. In this essay, we would like to update those studies as we publish brief descriptions of the manuscripts and their colophons


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Ibrahim, H. (2019). Talǧat an-nâsih son of the Priest Ḥūrān al-ḥamawī. Chronos, 39, 125–171. https://doi.org/10.31377/chr.v39i0.598
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