Benghazi Qushla. Comparative architecture study


Saadi Al-Darraji


This article documents an important military building in Benghazi (Libya), the Qushla. It was also named Al-Baraka palace, after the name of the area where it was built, or as the Shahan barracks; it is also called the Moccagatta, after the name of an Italian general. Haj Rasheed Pasha initially built the barracks at the end of 1889 as the modern headquarters of the Army. Elsewhere in Libya, in Muserata, Tripoli, Zleton, Murzeq, and in western mountain range, many buildings acted as Qushlas during Ottoman period (1835-1911). Most of them have now disappeared except for the Benghazi barracks, which was one of the largest military projects in Libya during the Ottoman period, with its large square and mosque.


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Al-Darraji س. إ. (2019). Benghazi Qushla. Comparative architecture study . Chronos, 39, 79–104.
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