Aims of the Journal

1. To create a framework for scientific research and a means of developing scientific knowledge and research, not only for the academy, but also for national and international channels of scientific research and creativity

2. Updating the scientific knowledge of the academy’s professors and students in order to benefit both the academy and society

3. Supporting and encouraging the publication of scientific creative activity in all branches of the academy in the UAE, and conveying these publications to people who would benefit from this through different channels of distribution

4. Using scientific information in the legal, security, and police fields as a tool to contribute to the creation of growth in light of societal transformations and developments at a national and international level

5. Expanding cultural and scientific relations, and supporting cooperation between the academy and various scientific establishments within the UAE and abroad

6. Publishing the magazine on the academy’s website as an electronic periodical that will contribute to and benefit from data on the internet

Principles and standards concerning publication

Research is published according to scientific and methodological conditions that are adhered to in scientific periodicals and is judged on the following:

  • The artistic manner in which the study is presented
  • The manner in which sources and references are verified and listed in the research or study
  • The manner in which marginal notes are listed and their precision
  • The manner in which the research or study is presented to the editorial board and liaison with it
  • Inclusion of an index, illustrative diagrams, and explanatory devices in the research