The Values of Sports Activities in SQU from Students' Perspective


Wajeha Thabit Al Ani Nawal Ahmed Al Hooti


Sports and games practiced in the university play a vital role in promoting awareness amongst students since sports activities form an inseparable part of students' university life. Sports teach students good values, for they constitute a platform for students to get together, exchange talks, and enjoy the health and vigor of life. Therefore, the aim of this study is to explore the values inherent in sports activities in Sultan Qaboos University (SQU). It will also explore the statistical differences with regard to values inherent in sports activities in SQU from students' point of view which can be attributed to the variables of sex, place of residence, study year and major. To answer these questions, a descriptive research methodology has been adopted to analyze and interpret sports and games activities related literature. Data has also been collected by using an open interview form, distributed to a sample of 119 SQU students, with the aim to observe the values that sports activities in SQU have. Preliminary findings of the study indicate that there are a number of values and merits of sports and games activities in SQU. With regard to ethical values, the findings show that the value of honesty gains 81.5%, while trust worthy value gains 64.7%. Within the personal values, 43.7% of the respondents indicate that they enjoy self-confidence, while 35.5% goes to the values of bravery. In the social values, the value of cooperation comes at the top with 70.6% followed by 37% to loyalty. Within the values of knowledge, the value of punctuality gains 19.3% followed by 18.5% to the value of reasoning. The highest percentage of 22.7% goes to the values of religion. Finally, ( ) analysis shows that there are (α=0.05) statistical differences among respondents which go to the favor of female students in terms of tolerance within ethical values and self-confidence within the personal values. Findings also indicate that colleges of humanities score higher in terms of personal and knowledge values within students' majors. Therefore, it is recommended that all values incorporated within the findings should be included in the objectives of SQU sports and games activities.


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personal values, social values, religious values, sports activities, university students

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Al Ani و. ث., & Al Hooti ن. ب. أ. (2020). The Values of Sports Activities in SQU from Students’ Perspective. DRASSA Journal of Development and Research for Sport Science Activities, 6(1), 78–112.
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