Emotional Arousal and Its Relationship with Emotive Balance Regarding Football Players


Haider Mahmood Allawi Nashwan Abd Allah Nashwan


Psychological preparation is one of the pillars on which the training process is based, besides other training elements. Emotional balance and emotive arousal are very important psychological factors that football players must enjoy, as they denote the psychological stability the players have during the competition. The study aimed at identifying both factors (Emotional arousal and Emotive balance) regarding professional football players, and presenting the relationship between those factors. The study sample was made up of (23) players. To assess the study variables, the researchers used scales of emotional arousal and emotive balance. The researchers came to three conclusions, which are the decrease of emotional arousal of professional football players, and the high emotional balance of them. Beside the distinctive and reversed moral association between emotional arousal and emotive balance of such football players. In the light of the finding, the researchers reached a number of conclusions, and recommendations for future research such as the possibility of using the two measured measures in the current study by coaches to measure the factors of excitation and emotional equilibrium


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Emotional Arousal, Emotive Balance, Psychological Readiness

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Allawi ح. م., & Nashwan ن. ع. (2020). Emotional Arousal and Its Relationship with Emotive Balance Regarding Football Players. DRASSA Journal of Development and Research for Sport Science Activities, 6(1), 25–34. https://doi.org/10.31377/jdrssa.v6i1.665
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