Aqeel Al-Araji Mohammad Shakir Al Shukraji Saad Aziz Hassan


Most of us in this contemporary life become dependent on what civilization provide to us as to comfort and physical luxury, movement become less and there is no physical activity except in a narrow range as well as psychological stress of living, which leads to a life of a high health risk that the individual exposed thereof. It could be argued that the rate of heart disease increases with increased reliance of comfort, well-being and dullness associated with dietary in which excessive of amounts of energy that the body needs, which in return results in gaining weight, high blood pressure and hardening of the arteries all of which cause chronic diseases. Nonetheless, there are several things to be considered prior to education of practicing the sports, such as environmental issues that may cause damages to human being, thus – in our study – we discuss the most important environmental issues facing sportspersons in Iraq in general and in Al-Al Najaf Al-Ashraf in particular. High temperatures and dust storms considered as the biggest environmental challenges for practicing sports in Iraq due to several diseases caused by high temperatures such as heart problems, heat exhaustion, rash, etc… as well as respiratory problems due to dust storms. The Researchers arrived at the fact that there is an enormous danger threats health by practicing sports with the high temperatures and dust as the case study city (Al-Al Najaf Al-Ashraf).


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Environmental Challenges, Practicing Sports

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Al-Araji ع. ي., Al Shukraji م. ش. م., & Hassan س. ع. (2019). ENVIRONMENTAL CHALLENGES FOR PRACTICING SPORTS IN IRAQAL-NAJAF AL-ASHRAF – AS A MODEL. DRASSA Journal of Development and Research for Sport Science Activities, 3(1), 62–78. https://doi.org/10.31377/jdrssa.v3i1.530
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