Palmyra: a story of ruins, struggle(s) and beyond


Zeina Elcheikh


For centuries, Palmyra and its ruins have fascinated archeologists, historians and artists. Yet, Palmyra has been a terrain for struggles as well. The emergence of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) as a new actor in the Syrian conflict has pushed the damages of heritage monuments and sites to a greater extent, and has also added further ideological meanings to targeting cultural heritage. As a consequence, these atrocities have unleashed debates on a broader level. Several initiatives and projects worldwide have started to document the damages in Palmyra, and to prepare plans for its restoration. This paper focuses on the case of Palmyra, in the light of the atrocities committed by the ISIS militant in summer 2015. Destruction has become a part of Palmyra’s long history, and reconstructing the damages cannot erase the event that inflicted the destruction.


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